Privacy Policy

Keeping your personal information safe is one of our top priorities. Kakao Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "we", the "Company") will use your personal information only for the purpose and within the scope to which you consent with the goal of providing the services of Buzz Launcher and Homepack Buzz (each a "Service" and, collectively, the "Services") in a seamless manner. We have developed this privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") so that you may easily understand how we protect your personal information and other related details. The Privacy Policy is in compliance with personal information related law and regulations applicable to information communication service providers.
Collection of Personal Information
Types of Personal Information We Collect
We collect your personal information as necessary to provide the Services in a seamless manner and to improve your user experience. There are two types of personal information we collect: required information and optional information.

When you sign up for the Service, we collect your name, email address, password, profile photo, and country information as required information. This information is crucial in providing you with the main features of the Service and therefore is necessary in using the Service. You may choose to provide us with additional information such as your location information, but the lack of such optional information will not result in the limited use of the Service.

Also, certain information including IP Address, cookies, date of use, service usage data, and unauthorized usage data may be automatically created and collected during the use of our Services.

We will not, however, collect any personal information that may infringe upon the rights of our users – race, political views, medical records, etc. - unless consented by the user or otherwise required by law.
How We Collect Personal Information
The collection of information will be made through the customer service center, event participation, service usage, or by phone, fax, and email. We will collect your personal information by fair and lawful means and when and only when you have given consent.
Use of Personal Information
How We Use It
We collect your personal information only for the following purposes:
- To identify users registering as members, to confirm membership registration, and to prevent illegal or unauthorized use of our services by delinquent members
- To provide you with a variety of services of the Company as well as to address any user inquiries or complaints and to provide notices to you
- To provide marketing and advertising services such as providing you with new products or services or providing the opportunity to participate in events
- To analyze the frequency of your visits and other service related statistics to improve our services for a better user experience or provide services customized to your likes and preferences.
How Long We Store It
Generally, your personal information will be immediately destroyed when the purposes of collecting and using your personal information are achieved. However, the following personal information will be kept for the period and reasons set forth below.
1. Kakao internal policies
- Unauthorized usage data
Basis for preservation: Prevention from unauthorized use
Retention period: 1 year

2. Relevant laws and regulations
In case we are required by law to preserve your personal information, we will retain your personal information for the period specified by law as follows:
- Basis for retaining records related to consumer complaints and dispute settlements: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
Retention period: 3 years
- Basis for retaining personal information regarding service usage (log-in records): Protection of Communications Secrets Act
Retention period: 3 months
- Basis for retaining records related to personal location information: Act on the Protection, Use, Etc., of Location Information
Retention period: 6 months
Sharing Personal Information
We may entrust a third party with the handling of your personal information when necessary for the seamless provision of the Services. Currently there is no personal information being delegated to a third party, and we will make sure to notify you in the event of delegation.

In principle, we will only use your personal information within the scope specified above and will not use your personal information for any other purpose that exceeds such scope or provide your personal information to third parties without your consent except in the following cases:
- When it is required for making a payment for usage of the Service.
- When any court or government agency requires us to provide your information pursuant to applicable laws.
Destroying Personal Information
Your personal information will be immediately destroyed when the purposes of collecting and using your personal information are achieved unless it is required to retain such information under the applicable laws.
Personal information retained in written form will be destroyed by a document shredder or by incineration and information retained in electronic form will be deleted so that it may not be retrieved by any technical means.
Managing Your Personal Information
You have the rights to review, correct, update or change your personal information that has been provided to us. You may also request to withdraw from being a member of our Services at any time.

If you request for the correction of an error in your personal information, we will not use or provide your personal information to a third party until such correction is completed. Further, if such personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will contact the third party to make the necessary changes without any delay.

We do not collect any personal information of a child under the age of 14 without the consent of his/her legal guardian. If you are the legal guardian of a child under the age of 14, you have the right to demand the withdrawal of the personal information provision agreement, and demand error correction or reading of the personal information provided by the child.

Cookies Policy
Why We Use Cookies
Cookies are small text files of information sent to your browser by the website operating server, which are then stored on the hard drive of your PC. When you visit a website, cookies are accessed by the server to ensure that your preferences are maintained, which helps you be more efficient.

We use cookies to provide you with a better user experience by saving your preferred settings. By using cookies, we also try to better understand your interests and preferences by analyzing the frequency of your visits, date and time of visit, rate of participation in various events and number of visits. Based on such analyses, we also provide services that are customized to your personal preferences such as advertisements.
How to Accept and Disable Cookies
You may accept or disable the installation of cookies. By modifying your browser's settings, you can choose to accept all cookies, to refuse all cookies, or to prompt you before accepting a cookie. Please bear in mind that if you disable all cookies, you may experience inconveniences in using our website and may result in difficulty in using certain of our services that require you to login.

To change your settings, follow the instructions below:
- Internet Explorer: click "Internet Options" on the "Tools" menu, and then click the "Security" tab.
- Chrome: Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select "Settings." Go to "Show advanced settings," and click on the "Content settings" button in the "Privacy" section and go to the "Cookies" section.
Protecting Personal Information
In handling your personal information, we actively implement technical and administrative measures to safely secure your personal information and to prevent any loss, theft and unauthorized disclosure of or alteration or damage to your personal information.
All your personal information will be encrypted
We send your personal information to a secure server utilizing encrypted communication networks. Also, important information such as your password is stored and managed in an encrypted form so that it will only be known by you.
We are taking protective measures against hacking
We undertake all necessary measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of or damages to your personal information from hacking or computer viruses. We employ measures designed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access such as regularly storing backup data in preparation against data damage, using up-to-date vaccine programs to prevent unauthorized disclosure of your personal information and utilizing encrypted communication networks. We also utilize firewall systems and other forms of security 24/7 to prevent unauthorized access, and strive to implement all available technical equipment to secure our systems.
We limit the employees in charge of handling personal information
We make sure the employees access and handle your personal information securely by assigning such employees with a unique password that is renewed on a regular basis. We also provide regular employee training, stressing our employees to comply with this Privacy Policy.
How to Contact Us
We have designated a chief manager in charge of handling personal information for the purpose of protecting your personal information, addressing any questions or resolving any complaints. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, we will try to provide you with a prompt and satisfactory response.

Personal Information Protection Manager: Andy Kang
Contact Information:

If you wish to report an incident of personal information misappropriation or obtain consultation, please inquire with any of the following agencies.
- Personal Information Violation Reporting Center: / (without area code) 118
- Cybercrime Investigation Department, Supreme Court Prosecutors' Office: 02-3480-3571
- Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency: / (without area code) 182
Changes to Privacy Policy
From time to time, we may supplement, delete or revise this Privacy Policy. In that event, we will inform you by posting the revised Privacy Policy on our website ( or the notice board within our Homepack Buzz services at least seven (7) days prior to its effective date. However, if changes to our Privacy Policy materially affect your rights, we will give you a 30-day prior notice.

Date of Announcement: September 23, 2015
Date of Implementation: October 1, 2015